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Don't Just Take Our Word for It. Hear from ASC Alumni!

"I really want to say "thank you" and emphasize that it was a pleasure being a part of this year´s Arctic Summer College. I really learned a lot. Not only the webinars were very interesting and enlightening, I also had the opportunity to improve my english skills, to gain experience in scientific writing and, of course, to get to know and work with people who share the same interests. What´s more I am convinced that it was instrumental in setting new goals in my life, because of all the new impressions and insights."
"My experience in the ASC was one I will always remember. It helped to expand my knowledge on little known issues in the Arctic, and helped myself become a more globally minded person. I appreciate all the feedback on my own studies, as well as the knowledge that the lecturers were able to offer every single week."
"The Arctic Summer College broadened my view of the Arctic sphere considerably. In the short amount of time I was able to learn about a wide range of political, social and economic topics. The exchange with the expert speakers has helped me develop my interdisciplinary focus in the Arctic sciences and triggered new, creative ideas on future research projects."
"As someone only peripherally known to Arctic policy, security and environmental topics before, the Arctic Summer College was a wonderful introduction to all of these, provided by experts within all fields. It was a great interdisciplinary learning experience."
"An insightful tour of the Arctic's multi-sector range of challenges and opportunities."
"Participating in the Arctic Summer College offered me valuable insights into new, in-depth and credible information on Arctic-related developments. The opportunity to ask questions and participate in the Arctic Council simulation made it easy to contribute and feel a part of a group, even in the only-online program."
"A very interesting interdisciplinary learning experience for Arctic ecosystems!"
"The Arctic Summer College expanded my horizons on how different entities and activities in the Arctic are interrelated. Hearing from and speaking with Arctic experts each week provided a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the various spheres of activity in the region. I look forward to being part of the ASC network."
"ASC is an interdisciplinary interactive platform effective in facilitating real-time and off-line exchanges among participants in an open and mutually beneficial manner."
"Everything has been very interesting and well provided. Great!"